• Uriah Heep. Винил. LP. U2

Стоимость: 1 600р.

Автор: Продавец

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Uriah Heep. 1. Demons and Wizards. Germany. EX. 1300p.

1. Demons and Wizards. Holland.

NM. 1600p. 2. Look at yourself.

England. (ILPS 9169). EX. 1800p.

4. Innocent Victim. Germany. EX. 1800p.

5. Head first. Canada.

EX. 800p. 6. Conquest. Sweden. NM. 1800p.

7. Abominog. Germany.

NM. 1800p. 8. The Magician's Birthday. Germany.

NM. 1500p. 9. Fallen Angel.

Sweden. NM. 1600p. 10. Uriah Heep. The Collection.

2LP. England. 2000p. 11. Sweet Freedom.

USA. EX. 1500p. 12. Solisbury. Germany.

EX. 1600p. 13. Return to Fantasy.

Germany. NM. 1800p U2 1. The Joshua Tree. England.

EX. 1200p. 2. Live. "Under a blood red sky". Germany. NM. 600p. 3. The Unforgettable Fire. Norway.

NM. 700p. 4. War. England. EX+. 1000p.

5. Wide awake in America. USA. NM. 800p 6. The Unforgettable Fire. England.

NM. 900p. Slade. Slade in Flame. Sweden.

NM. 1600p. Slayed?

England. EX. 1800p. Smashes.

France. NM. 1500p.

The amazing kamikaze syndrome. Germany. NM. 800p. Old New Borrowed and Blue. Germany.

EX+. 1600p. Black Sabbath.

Never Say Die. Sweden. NM. 2000p. Sabotage.

France. NM. 2400p.

Sabotage. USA. EX. 2000p. Master of Reality.

Germany. NM. 2600p. Greatest Hits. Sweden.

EX. 1000p. Sabbath bloody Sabbath. Sweden.

WWA. EX. 2000p. Paranoid. England.

EX. NEMS. 3500p. Vol 4. Scandinavia. EX. на сверле.

3000р. Vol 4. England.

EX+. NEMS. 3500р. Scorpions.

World Wide Live. 2LP. Holland. EX. 1400p. Tokyo tapes.

2LP. Germany. NM. 1600p.

Savage Amusement. Germany.

EX+. 1400p. Pink Floyd.

The Final Cut. Holland. NM. 1800p.

Animals. England. VG+. 3000p.

Animals. England. ЕХ+. 4000p.

The Wall. 2LP. Sweden. NM. 2000p.

The Wall. 2LP. Canada. EX. 2500p. The dark side of the Moon. Holland.

EX+. 3000р. Relics.

Sweden. NM. 1800p. Ummagumma.

2LP. USA. EX. 2400p. The dark side of the Moon. (SHVL 804. A-8, B-7). England. EX+. 3000p.

Animals. Sweden. NM. 2200p.

Meddle. England. EX. 2200p.

Wish you were here. Holland. EX. 1600p.

Wish you were here. England. EX. 2500p. нет. Obscured by Clouds.

(SHSP 4020). England. EX. 2500p.