• Синтезатор Casio HT-3000 (Digital/Analog Hybrid)

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Отличное состояние. Редкий аналогово-цифровой зверь. Собрат серий Casio cz, vz, hz, vl, fz. Имеется встроенная драм-машинка (casio rz-1)Casio HT3000 Digital / Analog Hybrid The Casio HT and HZ series are a very interesting group of synthesizers produced from 1987-1991.

They use a very specific form of sound generation called "SD Synthesis". Short for "Spectrum Dynamic" SD Synthesis has some things in common with the subtractive synthesis we know and love. The synth takes a waveform and runs it through a real analog VCF (filter).

There are ADSR envelopes for the DCA and VCF that shape the sound. And there is an LFO just like on a standard subtractive synth, although this LFO only modulates pitch (vibrato) and volume (tremolo).

Where things get interesting however, is in the choice of waveforms available from the synth engine. There are 32 incredibly varied waveforms, some sound very nasal or narrow, some like saw or square waveforms, some with an odd metallic timbre, and some feature white noise. B Additionally, being a home keyboard, it has built-in speakers, a Drum Machine and an Auto-Accompaniment mode (the lower tone is used for accompaniment).

The drum sounds resemble the Casio RZ-1 8-bit drum machine. Kind of a bummer from a synth with such a tedious programming interface.

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(And the HT-6000 lists the edit parameter codes on front-panel. ) Now, as no one really knows about the HT-series, they go for very little money and can be a great tool in your synth arsenal for unusual sounds!